Below are the Online Results Services Offered by the Sector:

=   Form One Admission

=    P1 College Intake

Summary of KNEC Results for KCPE and KCSE


Click on the object Link below to start Searching for your results..  


   Elimu Bora ni Haki Yako !!!




This system allows you to seach for Arched KCPE , KCSE and Form One Admission Results for

  • a Candidate (by using an Index Number)
  • A School (i.e. listing of all candidates for a given school)
  • A District (i.e. listing of all candidates for a given district)

The criteria is the same for P1 College Intake Search. To search the results, please Select the District, college or even Candidate's Number basing on the appropriate date clicked on the left

To search the results, please click on the appropriate date on the left.

You can also Visit our Digital Phone Directory Systems, you only need to provide the Extension line and you wil get it by the click of a button. First Select Phone directory Link on the right side of the next page and you will be there..

Inventory System is also provided to legible Users who have both the User Name and the Password. Just click on the Inventory system Link on the Left side and you will be there.

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